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PLANTATION VILLAS - Madaum, Tagum City, Davao

TAGUM CITY, Davao — This is what I love about my work in Real Estate. It's a sort of knowing the developments in every area where there is a new proposal for housing /subdivision project. I really love to know what's gonna happen on that site after a few years or more, or I may say, what's the potential of that place after the new developments has been done.

And to add more, it's a privilege for us (broker/agent) to tour from one place to another. This time, I am talking about our invitation of the new developer in Tagum City together with my colleagues to check the upcoming high-end project located inside the resort of Banana Beach.

Quick Facts: 
Banana Beach is a resort where you can enjoy the beach, the pool, the forest,
the fishing, the river cruise, the banana plantation, the food and
a lot more exciting things waiting to be explored.

Back to the new high-end project in Banana Beach,
The developer will build a Plantation Villas, a high-end residential resort. It's a home away from home. This project is ideal  for those people who wants to retire in a place wherein abundant nature is just within reach.

The good thing about this project,  the buyer who purchase a unit in Plantation Villas can avail and enjoy the amenities of Banana Beach like the Infinity pool, The Lanikai, The Spot, The Forest and etc. And if you are a sports enthusiast, the use of sports facilities like Tennis court, Basketball court, The Beach sports facilities and The Spot for fishing are free.

Plantation Villas offer a lot with a minimum size of 1,000 sq.m. per cut.
You can also ask the developer to build  your villas or you can outsource a contractor for practical reason.

As we roamed around the Banana Beach, we experienced the forest tour and try the E-walk (Elevated walkway on top of the tree). While walking, We experience to see a wild animals on the ground like a monkey climbing and jumping from a tree to another tree, so exciting right? But wait,  there's more.. we spotted a wild pig and the so called Iguana ( a Philippine reptile), but unfortunately we couldn't get some pics of them, they're moving so fast, then hid and eventually gone in a matter of seconds in the forest.

Here are some of our pictures below:

The Tourist Center - Where you register your name before touring the resort.

The Infinity Pool with ocean view. This is near in the restaurant.

The Infinity Pool

The Restaurant in Banana Beach.

The Forest Tour:
With Ms. Charmaine, Russel and the tour guide.

- Elevated Walk or E-Walk
- 150 year old Tree
- a small lake
- Wild animals such as monkey, wild pig, Iguana and a lot more.

A troops of monkey crossing the road on our way to the forest.

At The E-walk in the forest.

My colleague during the forest tour.

Ms. Charmaine of Ingenue as our muse in the forest..just kidding folks!!

This is a 150 year old Dao tree

The new version of Tabing ilog with Russel as the leading cast.  :) 

At The Lanikai:

- Swimming pool
- Art Gallery - w/ Kublai's work
- Beach view

At the Pool in Lanikai with the models & the best view of the sea.

The Swimming pool in Lanikai.

The nice view in Lanikai

The Art Gallery in Lanikai with Kublai's art work. 

At The Spot: 
The Fishing area.

The Spot - a restaurant & a bar in a fishing village.

I'm trying my luck to catch some fish..but unfortunately, 

wala  akong nakuha kasi wla na palang isda dyan kasi wla ng tubig..Lolz.. :)

The Nipa Hut for fishing enthusiast. A shade while u enjoy fishing.

As you can see the pictures during our site tour in the resort, The Lanikai, The Spot, The Art Gallery and etc. are the amenities that you're going to enjoy if you have a property in Plantation Villas..

For more details on how to avail this posh subdivision visit here:

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