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The Town Center of Monkayo ( Monkayo Poblacion year 2011)

MONKAYO, Compostela Valley, Davao.
Municipal Mayor: Manuel B. Brillantes , Jr.  

The new Municipal Hall of Monkayo
also known locally as "Munisipyo"

Monkayo Octagon Park (formerly ABC Hall) - one of the oldest Park in Davao Region

Facts of Monkayo:

  A first class municipality in the province of Compostela Valley, Philippines. It has a population of  90, 971 people according to the 2007 census. About 46% Cebuanos and the rests are Mandaya, Mansaka, Manguangan, Dibabawon, and other Filipino Christian and Muslim ethnic groups. With 21 barangays, and Mt. Diwata having the biggest population of 16, 965 people. Monkayo is an agricultural town, with vast tracks of land planted with rice and banana.

→ The municipality is also host to the gold-rich barangay of Mt. Diwata, popularly known as "Diwalwal" (which in the local dialect means one's tongue is hanging out due to exhaustion), a 1,000-meter high range has known worldwide for its rich gold ore deposit. Monkayo's seat of government is located in barangay Poblacion, a highly developed rural town center, and it is 120 kilometers  away from Davao City (Mindanao's Regional Center), and some 30 kilometers from Nabunturan, the Provincial Center.

The new Municipal Hall of Monkayo

San Ignacio de Loyola Parish

Monkayo Octagon Park

Brief History:
Monkayo, as a municipality was created by virtue of a Executive Order signed by the late President Ramon Magsaysay on Sept. 14, 1954. The town's pre-World War II settlers were lumads, or indigenous peoples consisting of the so-called "Four Tribes"--the Mandayas, Dibabawons, Mansakas and Manobos. These tribes dominated practically all of what is now Monkayo.

During World War II, the battle was fought in Monkayo by joint Filipino and American troops with the local guerrilla fighters against the Japanese Imperial forces. Monkayo's development was spurred immediately after the liberation from Japanese invasion. And in the 1950s,abaca trade along the Agusan River flourished. Settlers from the Visayas and Luzon also came, as well as Chinese traders who established a trading post in the mouth of Agusan River along the delta of what is now called Barangay San Jose. Boats plied from Monkayo bringing goods to other trading centers along the Agusan River towards farther north up to Butuan City.

The construction of the Davao-Agusan Daang Maharlika (Pan-Philippine Highway) fast-tracked the town's development. More businesses came in, and the "motorboat economy" brought about by the trade along the Agusan River slowly vanished as overland travel from Davao City to Butuan City was enhanced. The road network shortened the travel time from Davao to Butuan and eventually to other key cities in Mindanao.

The Old Municipal Hall Building
Now as a home for the National Gov't. Agencies

Monkayo Sports Complex

Rotonda near the new City Mayor's Office 
and also known locally as Municipal Hall.

Culture and Heritage:

Monkayo, as a municipality was created by virtue of a Executive Order signed by the late President Ramon Magsaysay on Sept. 14, 1954.
The town's pre-World War II settlers were lumads, or indigenous peoples consisting of read more

Bukidnon State University (BSU) - Monkayo Campus
 Monkayo, Compostela Valley, Davao

A road that lead to the New Municipal Hall Building or City Mayor's Office.

Monkayo National High School (MNHS) 
 A public High School of Monkayo

Monkayo's Tourist Spot:

  • Kariyawan Festival (every September 4)
  • Araw ng Monkayo
  • Gold Mining in Diwalwal
  • Agusan River
  • Monkayo Octagon Park
  • Monkayo Sports Arena
  • Kumbilan Cave in Brgy. Casoon
  • Pasian Cave in Pasian
  • Pasian Falls
  • Baylo Falls
  • Sagay Falls of  Brgy. Salvacion
  • Magdagandang Falls
  • Seven Waterfalls of  Brgy. Awao
  • Upper Ulip Hot Spring
  • Buenas Creek Inland Resort  in Mt. Diwata
  • Inland Resort of Maite
  • Lantawanan Inland Resort  of Union (pronounced as onion)

Kumbilan Cave - Brgy. Casoon, Monkayo.
A tunnel-like features. Fruit bats (kabyaw) lairs.

How to get there:
Ride a bus from Davao City to Monkayo, Comval. And from Monkayo Poblacion  ride a Motorcycle or Skylab going to Brgy. Casoon for ₱10.00 .  And go to the nearest Barangay Office for registration (as per requirement).

For more Info and Reservation:
Contact Municipal Tourism Coordinator
Mobile phone no. 0927 421 7548

Try to check out this link:
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U may visit Comval Tourism website thru this link

Monkayo Overland Bus Terminal

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  1. I love this really looks good now..

  2. @Unknown:
    yes it really looks better now and more progress.. more business entities are sprawling. Hopefully a lot of business investor will invest in this Gold City in Comval.


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