Monday, April 22, 2013

First GPS-enabled taxi dispatching system in the country

DAVAO CITY, Philippines
— Recently, three large taxi companies, Sturdy, R & E and Mabuhay Taxi  in Davao City, launched the first Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled taxi dispatching system in Philippines.

The integrated GPS-enabled taxi dispatching system will take job orders received from the call centre and automatically assigns a passenger’s call for service to the nearest available taxis in the area.

Taxi drivers can respond by placing their bid for the order as well as locate their prospective passengers through the GPS system. This results in faster response time from the point of order to passenger pick-up as well as better customer service.

According to SmartTaxi Dispatching Inc. Managing Director Michael Ranola, “The deployment of GPS system aimed towards a better management and efficient usage of our taxi fleets. We also want to help our taxi drivers build a stronger and more stable income.

“With the GPS dispatching system, the income of taxi drivers can increase as much as 50% as they no longer need to drive around aimlessly to look for passengers or compete with other taxi drivers for the same passenger.”

In addition to that, the response from the taxi community towards the GPS enabled taxis has been encouraging since its introduction.

To-date, there are more than 150 Sturdy and RE taxis have been fitted with the GPS system. By just paying a small monthly fee, taxi drivers can subscribe to the SmartTaxi Dispatching system and will be trained on how to use the system.

Mabuhay Taxi owner Ryan Tan said “I am encouraged to know SmartTaxi Dispatching Inc has taken steps to advance the taxi service in our country as well as improve the income of taxi drivers with the GPS system and taxi booking app,” Currently, 100 taxis are successfully operating and hundred more taxis to come.

“At Sturdy and RE, we believe good taxi service comes about when taxi drivers are able to earn a decent income and our aim is to provide a quicker turn-around for taxi booking and a more efficient income generation for our taxi drivers. ,” said Jason Enriquez, President Sturdy Taxi.



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