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D' LEONOR Inland Resort and Adventure Park

Update, Jan. 2012:

Photos below courtesy of  Aldie Bayron ( D' Leonor graphic artist/ web designer ).

Update, Dec. 2011

Photos below, courtesy of Ms. Katrina Cecilia Acaso Elid.
Taken as of First week of Dec. 2011

The Wave Pool with Raging River
Photo above courtesy of Ms. Katrina Cecilia Acaso Elid

COMMUNAL, Davao City
— While I was jotting down  the latest information of LDL project, the Leonora Garden Heights in Cabantian with Mr. Romeo J., He shares the company's latest and biggest project which is located in Bgy. Communal in Buhangin District. And it is the D' LEONOR Inland Resort and Adventure Park.

As we talk about the details of the resort, I was amazed to find out that the project covers the whole 30 hectares of  the land (more or less), Yes you heard it right! the theme park resort is very huge. And I don't think you can finish to roam around the area within a day if ever all the rides and amenities are all done. Mr Romeo added, that "some of the amenities are already operational while others are on its way for construction".

The moment these amenities were all finished, I am pretty much sure that this will be a big hit for the Davaoenos and other people from Mindanao area. And also this will be an additional attraction to the  Davao tourism industry.

Pictures taken as of September 2011  
from the Flyers that was given by Mr. Aldie Bayron.

Here are some of the Amenities:
  • Wave Pool with Raging river 
  • Restaurant
  • Club house
  • 3-Storey Hotel 
  • Zoo
  • Surfing Rider 
  • Fish Pond
  • Hanging Bridge
  • Commercial Bldg.
  • Chalet
  • 600 Steps Stairs
  • Tennis Court
  • Cottages
  • Basketball Court
  • Chapel
  • Rowhouse Type of Cottages
  • Cable Car
  • Zipline
  • ATV

 Update, Sept. 8, 2011:

 These are the following amenities that are operational and available in the resort: 

  • Zipline 
  • Wave Pool with Raging River
  • Cottages
  • Chalet
  • Restaurant
  • Hanging Bridge
  • The Zoo

Amenities that are not operational are the following:
  • Cable Car  ( on going for construction)
  • Tennis Court ( on going for construction)

Additional info:

  • The Zipline is  460 meters long. 
  • Wave Pool can accommodate 250 to 300 person.

Here are some of the important information in this resort:

Pictures taken as of September 2011  
from the Flyers that was given by Mr. Aldie Bayron.

The prices:

Entrance fee inclusive of  a free shuttle ride around the resort only.

For more information and reservation. 

You may contact:

(082) 304 4633   (Look for Eric - Sales and Mktg.)

(082) 302 2922   (Reception)

0922 846 4314 (Mobile phone)

Or U may try to check the tel.# indicated in the picture below..

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Pictures taken as of September 2011  
from the Flyers that was given by Mr. Aldie Bayron.

Additional Info of the resort:

D' LEONOR Inland Resort and Adventure Park
→ is a new and exciting place for all , ideal for Family outing, Business outing, Company's team building, Barkadas (a group of friends), et al.This Theme Park will cater to all Davaoeños as well as to other tourist as far as Cotabato City, Kidapawan, Bukidnon, Butuan, General Santos and other neighboring cities and towns within the Davao Region who were an avid clientele of the company's businesses like the Emar's Wave Pool, The Japanese Tunnel, D' Leonor Hotel - JP Laurel Ave. Bajada, etc.

The Zoo

This is a new attraction for us Davaoeños,
It's so much fun here, more animals are coming..

Here's how to get there:

Vicinity Map

I would like to extend my great appreciation to Mr. Romeo J. and likewise to Mr. Aldie Bayron who give me the details in this resort. They're inviting me this saturday to check some of the rides and other attraction but am not sure if I can make it, but hopefully I can visit there soon to experience the real thing and to get more real pretty nice pictures of the resort.

Chill and Enjoy guys!!!  :)

Important Note:
  • Prices indicated here may change without prior notice.
  • Policy of the resort may change also as the years passes by.
  • Contact numbers also in this blog may change.

Check out the contact numbers of the resort in the photo below...
Just click the photo to enlarge..
Updated photo as of  March 2018.



  1. Maganda talaga ang lugar, preserved ang trees, ongoing ang development ng resort at balita ko ito ang Enchanted Kingdom ng Davao, wow! ang galing may mapapasyalan na ang mga Dabawenyo, ginagawa na din ang mga different kinds ng rides nila. OK ang mga facilities, Ok din naman ang service ng mga staff, at accommodating din talaga ang manager, higit sa lahat masarap ang food ng restaurant nila.

  2. hi, i just want to inquire about the prize of the cottages ,its not included in the list and can we stay there overnight?do they have additional fee?


  3. the place is good. a converted wilderness to CONCRETE JUNGLE!! AMAZING!

  4. oo nga po need namin malaman magkano entrance for both kids and adult at cottages rental para go go go na agad..thank you!

  5. @Cheng: may mga price po sa ibang amenities dito, then u can also contact D' Leonor thru their landline number..check it out in this blog..thnx.

  6. Do you cater wedding?

  7. nobody's answering the phone.. do they have a new number?

  8. @ Anonymous (May 21, 2012): try to call/contact the office or visit the office personally.

    @Anonymous (May 26, 2012): baka busy lang po ang kanilang phone.

  9. Today is a very happy day, we went to D'Leonor Inland Resort and we observed the place and the service of the staff, thinking and expecting that all the negative blogs would happen to us, but in fairness, none at all... in fact they were so friendly and accommodating, nakacute uniform pa sila, pang resort parang nasa ibang bansa, and the place, wow, very nice and still developing, so excited to be able to see it done with all the rides, wow enchanted Kingdom of Davao, ang galing nyo....


  10. @Anonymous (May 31,2012):
    I was really amazed by your positive feedback with the place and as well as to the staff of the resort..

    It was so nice to hear that u really enjoy the place and with this good appreciation from you, Am sure a lot of people were going to visit this place as soon as possible.. Thanks and Good luck!! :)

  11. it there any updates on their contact #? no one is answering my calls...

  12. is there any updates on your contact numbers's? no one is answering my calls....

  13. To all:
    If the given contact numbers above is not functioning or out of service, pls try check/call the contact numbers of the Japanese Tunnel or The D' Leonor Hotel in Bajada, Davao City because they are the affiliated establishment to this inland resort.


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